Minnich A-3/A-6 Machine Mounted Drill

Minnich A-3/A-6 machine-mounted drills maximize productivity and safety on patchwork jobs. Featuring up to six drills, these pneumatic units can be mounted to an excavator, backhoe or skid-steer loader to form a self-contained and highly mobile drilling solution for full-depth repair. Besides offering the maneuverability to get jobs done faster, A-3/A-6 drills provide a safer alternative for operators, eliminating fatigue by using the carrier to transport the drill. Available side-shift functionality enables operators to drill a second set of holes without having to reposition the carrier, while an optional dust collection system reduces debris on the job site.


Model A-3/A-6
Drill Steel Shank .875″ x 4.25″ (22.2mm x 107.9 mm)
Drill Steel Length U.C. 24″ (61.0cm) Under Collar
Drill Bit Diameter .625″ – 2.50″ (15.9mm to 63.5mm)
*Maximum Drill Depth 18″ (45.7cm)
Drill Distance From Top of Slab 3″ – 12″ (7.6cm – 30.5cm)
Minimum Cutout Width 48″ (121.9cm)
SCFM Required 92.2 (2.61 m&sub3;/min)
PSIG Required 90 (0.62 MPa)
Weight A-2 1250 LBS (567.0 kg)
Weight A-3 1500 LBS (680.4 kg)
Weight A-4 1750 LBS (793.8 kg)
Weight A-5 2000 LBS (907.2 kg)
Weight A-6 2125 LBS (963.9 kg)