Husqvarna BMC 335 – Floor Shaver

BMC 335 is a heavy duty electric shaver. It is the answer to the toughest sawing needs. Its increased weight allows it to generate more efficient sawing action. It is equipped with a 15 kW sawing motor and an electrical drive system which saves the operator from having permanent contact with the handle. Other features include ergonomic operations, easily adjustable speed and tracking and an ability to turn 360 degrees. In addition, the drum housing, which is surrounding by dust seals, is mounted in the frame by torque bushes, giving lower vibration levels. We offer a full range of drums and blades, which provides the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.

  • Working width 13.2 in
  • Output power 21.5 hp
  • Voltage 400 V
  • Weight 948 lbs


All products specification

BMC 335

BMC 335 | EU

970 61 59‑01

Output power 21.5 hp
Voltage 400 V
Rated current 32 – 63 A
Power source Corded
Rotational speed 3,000 rpm
Working width 13.2 in
Type of operation Self-propelled
Product size length 54.6 in
Product size width 26 in
Product size height 46.7″
Weight 948 lbs
Sound and noise
Sound level 90 dB(A)
Vibrations handlebar 2.5 m/s²