Husqvarna BMG 780 – Planetary Grinders

BMG 780 is a triple head grinder designed for finishing large horizontal surfaces. This machine is equipped as standard with a speed control system. It is an easy to use machine with low vibrations and at the same time has the highest grinding head pressure in the range. BMG 780 is equipped with a smart easy-to-use keypad that gives you all relevant information such as Amps, Volt, rpm, etc. In addition, the adjustable steering handle includes protection for the operating buttons. This is an ideal machine for companies dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding or polishing applications.

  • Rated input power 20 hp
  • Phases 3 ph
  • Grinding width 30.7 in
  • Weight 1,074 lbs
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BMG 780

BMG 780 230V 15kW 60Hz SEMI-RIGID

970 61 69‑02

BMG 780 460V 60Hz

970 61 69‑04

Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer) 20 hp 20 hp
Output power 20 hp 20 hp
Power source Corded Corded
Voltage 230 V 460 V
Rated current 32 A 32 A
Grinding equipment
Grinding width 30.7 in 30.7 in
Number of grinding discs 3 3
Grinding disc speed min 400 rpm 400 rpm
Grinding disc speed max 1,200 rpm 1,200 rpm
Type of operation Push Push
Product size length 91.4 in 91.4 in
Product size width 31 in 31 in
Product size height 51.6″ 51.6″
Weight 1,074 lbs 1,074 lbs
Sound and noise
Sound level 82 dB(A) 82 dB(A)