Husqvarna BMS 220P – Floor Scraper

BMS 220P is a propane-driven and highly productive ride-on floor scraper that is ideal for medium and large sized applications. It is suitable for the removal of hardwood flooring, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue, tiles and more. The operator sits on a comfortable seat where he can operate the machine with user friendly levers for controlling forward and backward movements, plus making blade adjustments. BMS 280P gives you independent control of the wheels for precise steering and manoeuvring that maximizes efficiency. Without the need for power cables, you can also enjoy greater mobility on job sites and make more of your time count.

  • Output Power 25 hp
  • Weight 2,245 lbs


All products specification

BS 110

BS 110 | 110V | US

970 61 51‑01

Voltage 110 V
Power source Corded
Type of operation Self-propelled