Gar-Bro Bond Beam Accessories

Type “A”
Steel assembly used to confine concrete flow.

Type “B”
For side discharge of concrete in forms, against walls, etc.

Type “C”
Premium rubber attachment designed to minimize concrete segregation.

Type “D”
Similar to Type “E” chute, but features 4″ diameter hose for placing grout. (Not Shown)

Type “E”
Allows placement of concrete in forms and minimizes segregation due to free-fall.

“BBRSC” Bond Beam Rubber Side Chute
Steel frame with rubber trough used to divert concrete discharge toward front of bucket.



Accessories Available:

  • Type “A” Steel Tapered Discharge
  • Type “B” Rubber Side Discharge
  • Type “C” Rubber Vertical Discharge
  • Type “D” Snozzle for grout
  • Type “E” PVC Vertical Discharge
  • “BBRSC” Long Rubber Side Chute