Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 KD8 Small Diesel Air Compressor

The Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 is a single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type air compressor, powered by a liquid- cooled, three-cylinder turbocharged Kubota diesel engine.

The unit hosts the new generation C67 Screw element in its air end combined with a Kubota made diesel engine model D902, complying with Tier 4 Final emission standard.


Model CPS 110 KD8
Minimum effective receiver pressure Psi(g) 29
Maximum effective receiver pressure Psi(g) 128
Normal effective working pressure Psi(g) 100
Fuel consumption at 100% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.46
Fuel consumption at 75% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 1.20
Fuel consumption at 50% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 0.86
Fuel consumption at 25% load Gal/Hr (L/Hr) 0.62
Max Sound Pressure Level (Lp @ ISO 2151) dB(A) 71
Engine Kobuta D902
Emissions stage Tier 4 Final
Coolant GENCool
Number of Cylinders 3
Bore mm 72
Stroke mm 73.6
Swept Volume l 0.898
Capacity of Oil Sump- Initial Fill US gal (l) 0.97 (3.67)
Capacity of Oil Sump- Refill (max) US Gal (L) 1.00 (3.79)
Capacity of Cooling System US Gal (L) 1.19 (4.50)
Capacity of Compressor Oil System US Gal (L) 1.98 (7.50)
Net Capacity of Air Reciever US Gal (L) 2.64 (10.00)
Air Volume at Inlet Grating (approx.) cfm 1970
Capacity of Standard fuel tanks US Gal (L) 7.52 (28.50)
Safety valve- min. opening pressure psi(g) 143.5