Wacker Neuson EW100 Wheeled Excavator

EW100 Wheeled Excavator: Productivity on wheels

Operating weight (min.-max.) 3,800.8 – 4,592.2 lb

Wacker Neuson’s largest mobile excavator scores points with its innovative hydraulics with load-independent flow distribution and up to 5 additional control circuits ex works. Because of the built-in road travel mode, it does not require time and cost intensive transport to the next construction site. With the ECO operating mode, savings on fuel consumption of up to 20 percent are possible. A plus for the environment and the wallet. The EW100 mobile excavator is operator-friendly due to it having just one gas pedal–both for road travel as well as when working.

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  • The excavator has three steering modes to handle a variety of job site applications, as well as road travel. Front-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering can be selected by the toggle switch. This allows for more efficient road travel, a narrow turning radius, or driving parallel to buildings.
  • The articulated or “triple” boom provides greater maneuverability and, therefore, greater freedom of motion. The additional joint permits the bucket to be pulled right up to the travel gear or the dozer blade. Ideal when narrow spaces need to be accessed or an obstacle has to be moved out of the way. The excavator also features a greater dump height and even greater digging depth.
  • Short hose paths result in lower power loss in the hydraulic system. This increases the service life of the hydraulic hoses, due to fewer wear points, especially in confined areas.
  • The clearly defined routing of the hydraulic hoses ensures maximum efficiency, by reducing line resistance.
  • The ergonomically optimized comfort cab offers very good 360° visibility, plenty of legroom and headroom and a wide entry. This promotes a high level of safety and flexibility in the work space, adjusted to the individual needs of the operator.
  • The closed driving circuit provides simple operation with just one drive pedal and allows for infinitely variable speed from 0 to 30 km/h/18.6 mph without the need to change gears.