Multiquip High-Cycle Portable Generators

The industry’s only generator that produces both 180Hz power for high-cycle concrete vibrators and 60Hz power for standard power tools. This versatile power source helps concrete contractors maximize equipment utilization.


The industry’s only generator that simultaneously produces 60Hz/180Hz power for standard tools and high-cycle vibrators. Powered by a Honda GX340 engine this unit takes the place of two generators. Ideal for the professional contractor.
  • Powers up to three¬†2-inch (50 mm) FXA-series¬†high cycle vibrators
  • Control panel has separate 60Hz and 180Hz outlets
  • Folding lifting bale is standard equipment
  • Standard voltmeter assists in troubleshooting
  • Produces 3.6kW of continuous 120/240-volt 60-cycle power for standard power tools
  • Full panel GFCI protection – OSHA and NEC compliant
Unit Specifications
Alternator Design Brushless Revolving Field Type
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 gal 19 L
Frequency 60/180 Hz
60HZ Power Output
Phase Single
Continuous Output 3.6 kW
Maximum Output 4 kW
Voltage 120/240 V
Continuous Amps 30A @ 120V 15A @ 240V
Maximum Amps 33A @ 120V 16.5A @ 240V
180HZ Power Output
Phase 3-Phase
Continuous Output 5 kVA
Voltage 230 V
Continuous Amps 12.5 A
Receptables & Circuit Breakers
Circuit Breakers 60Hz – 30 A
180Hz – A
Number of Poles 60Hz – 2
180Hz – 3
1 Receptacle of Each L6-20R 250V T-Lock 20A
L5-30R 125V T-Lock 30A
3 Receptacles of Each NEMA 7410 230V T-Lock 12.5A
Dimensions & Weights
Overall Length 28.34 in 72 mm
Overall Width 22 in 55.88 mm
Overall Height 21.25 in 54 mm