Husqvarna PG 250P – Single Disc Grinder

The BG 250P is a petrol-powered grinder designed to give you all the functionality and versatility you need for a wide range of surfaces. With a single grinding head, this machine focuses all its pressure onto a single diamond disc for more effective and aggressive grinding. The BG 250P is ideal for applications requiring heavy duty surface preparation of small to medium sized floors such as surface levelling, the removal of coating defects and adhesives, preparation before coating and much more. Other applications include industrial flooring, concrete preparation and decontamination. This machine is easy to transport and its 3 in diameter dust hose connection manages dust more efficiently, for a safer work environment. Without the need for power cables, you can also enjoy greater mobility on job sites and make more of your time count.

  • Output power 13 hp
  • Grinding width 10 in
  • Weight 322 lbs
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All products specification

BG 250P


970 61 48‑01

Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer) 13 hp
Output power 13 hp
Power source Petrol
Grinding equipment
Grinding width 10 in
Grinding disc speed max 2,000 rpm
Type of operation Push
Hose diameter 3 in
Product size length 51 in
Product size width 18 in
Product size height 44″
Weight 322 lbs
Sound and noise
Sound level 90 dB(A)