Chicago Pneumatic CP – Portable Gas Generator – CPPG Inverter

The day-to-day silent solution below 3kVA. When it comes to fuel efficiency, compactness and noise attenuation, CPPG Inverter are the future. The variable speed smart control, together with paralleling capability, delivers efficient power with the lowest fuel consumption, adapting engine speed to the load conditions.


Model CPPG 2iW CPPG 3iW
Rated Frequency Hz 60 60
Rated Voltage Psi 120 120
Nominal Power Output kVA 1.6 3
Peak Power Output W 1,800 3,300
Rated Power Factor 1 1
Capacity Fuel Tank US Gal (L) 1 (4) 2.6 (10)
Model CP148F Gasoline CP170FD Gasoline
Nominal Speed Nominal Speed 5,500 3,600
Power Output kWm 2.4 4.4
Power kVA 2 3