Striker Breakers SC Series Mounted Compactor

Suspension with “Angle Technology”. Unique design of shock mounts tilted 15 degrees outward allows better force distribution across the plate. Less stress on the compactor during operation and reduced wear. Improves performance and durability.THICK FORMED BASE PLATE
Lowering the center of gravity and putting the energy where it is needed. High pressure motor shaft seal and quality parts using SFK bearings and reliable “Permco” hydraulic motors.OVERLOAD PROTECTION
Flow control with reverse flow check valve standard on all models. Stainless steel pressure relief valve for safety.VIRTUALLY ZERO-MAINTENANCE OIL BATHED BEARINGS
Oil bath continuous lubrication system greatly extends life of expensive bearings.

Wide variety of custom mountings available to fit your carrier.


Striker Compactors can take on the toughest compaction tasks. The base plate with unique “Angle Technology” design transfers vibratory forces more efficiently and protects the carrier as well. This design results in a more rigid plate which evenly distributes the vibration and extends the life of both compactor and carrier.APPLICATIONS
For soil compaction, the SC series can compact up to four feet – more than five times the efficiency of hand held compactors; without the associated safety and maintenance problems. For slope compaction, the SC series is the only way to efficiently compact materials on an incline. The SC Series can also drive and extract piles, fence posts, sheeting, I-beams, soldier piling, guardrails and pipe.