Husqvarna Screed Blades

Screed blades for the versatile, petrol-driven walk-behind concrete power screed Husqvarna BV 30 are designed to deliver a high-quality slab. Can be used on thin slabs up to 100 mm without other vibration. Interchangeable blades allow for five different working widths. With their round ends, the blades are designed to leave the least possible marks so that less additional surface work is required. Since the blades are lightweight and rigid the vibration will be transferred uniformly to deliver a high-quality slab finish.


All products specification

Screed blades

Screed blades 6 ft (1.8m)

967 85 87‑01

Screed blades 8 ft (2.4m)

967 85 88‑01

Screed blades 10 ft (3m)

967 85 89‑01

Screed blades 12 ft (3.6m)

967 85 90‑01

Screed blades 14 ft (4.2m)

967 85 91‑01

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