Metal Forms Speed Screed Roller Screed

The SPEED SCREED® ROLLER™ incorporates many features not found on competitive triple tube roller/paver equipment making the SPEED SCREED® ROLLER a simple choice.

  • Reduction in number of valves = reduced heat
  • Easily ungradable remote control
  • Simple joystick controls allows to drive and steer with one hand
  • Intuitive engine eliminates need for choke and reduces chance of engine flooding
  • Modular frame allows for quick extension and shortening


Power Unit /Controls
• Simple operator interface
• Ergonomic layout
• Streamlined, electronically contolled hydraulics
• Dual joystick control
• “Smart” expandable system

• iGX700 22hp Honda Engine
• Working Load Compensation
• 12 gal. fuel tank

• In-joystick steering control
• Min/Max steering leg notification

Frame Assembly

• Modular frame
• Fork pockets for lifting
• Removable operator platforms

Tube Couplers

• Quick 3-bolt change
• Solid 2″ shaft assembly
• 1″ Front “Slinger” tube