Husqvarna T 4000 Petrol – Dust Extractor

Husqvarna T 4000 Petrol is an advanced petrol dust extractor developed to manage large amounts of dust. The intuitive controls make the dust extractor easy to start and operate. It is equipped with the Jet Pulse Filter cleaning system, which purges the filter with negative air pressure to effortlessly and safely clean the filter. The machine is designed to stay durable even in tough conditions thanks to its corrosion-resistant steel components. Combine your T 4000 Petrol dust extractor with the PG 400 Petrol floor grinder and you have a perfect match for outdoor floor prep applications. No power cables ensure even better mobility on the job site and more time to work on the project at hand.

  • Power source Corded
  • Phases 3 ph
  • Air requirement 285 lbs cfm
  • iAir Flow 285 lbs


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T 4000 Petrol

T 4000 Petrol | 10 hp |

967 84 93‑01

Power source Petrol
Max. vacuum 3.77 psi
Air Flow 285 cfm
Air requirement 285 cfm
HEPA filters 99.99% at 0.3 microns 2
Water Lift 104 in
Product size length 48.9 in
Product size width 28.2 in
Product size height 62.7″
Weight 453 lbs