Allen Engineering VLP2424 – Versatile Light Paver

Versatile Light Paver (VLP) was designed and engineered to pave a light rail project in San Diego, California to save on time and labor. From that early beginning, we have now captured the light rail project market with a re-designed paving machine. The new unit allows the contractor the ability to easily customize and adjust the paver to fit any rail project. This unit also can have customized profile paving heads to pave bridge overlays, irrigation ditches, heavy rail bridges and walkways.


ENGINE – Air-Cooled KOHLER CH440
FUEL TYPE – Gasoline
HORSEPOWER CLASS – 14 hp / 10.4 kW
MAIN FRAME – 2x 12′ x 24′ Truss Sections w/ Leg Rail
PAVING PROFILE HEADS – 2x 12′ sections / 4 Paving Profile Heads comes with Base Machine
BOGIES – 24″ Power Drive Bogie Frames w/ Cupped Wheels and 24″ Idle Bogie Frames w/ Cupped Wheels