Allen Engineering VLP3036 – Versatile Light Paver

The VLP3036 is a larger paver that allows the contractor to pave wider widths than the VLP2424. This unit can be adapted and converted to a deck finisher, the BDF4836. The contractor has the potential for a dual-purpose paver. Like the VLP2424, this unit is used for light rail projects, bridge overlays and full depth bridge decks. It can be customized with additional frame sections and options to support any paving needs.


ENGINE – Air-Cooled KOHLER CH440 or KOHLER CH740
FUEL TYPE – Gasoline
HORSEPOWER CLASS – 14 hp or 23.5 hp / 10.4 kW or 17.5 kW
MAIN FRAME – 2x 15′ x 36′ Truss Sections w/ Leg Rail
PAVING PROFILE HEADS – 2x 15′ sections / 4 Paving Profile Heads comes with Base Machine
BOGIES – 36″ Power Drive Bogie Frames w/ Cupped Wheels and 36″ Idle Bogie Frames w/ Cupped Wheels