Minnich A-3V-SD Barrier Wall Drill

Minnich A-3V-SD – commonly known as the Barrier Wall Drill – features three pneumatic, vertically-mounted drills and is designed to maximize efficiency and safety when drilling to secure a barrier wall. The self-propelled Minnich concrete barrier wall drill, driven by two pneumatic motors, travels to each section straddling and riding along the top of the temporary wall. While on the non-traffic side of the barrier, the operator uses a tethered controller to simultaneously drill three pin holes through pre-molded holes in the wall, through the road, into the sub-base to allow steel pins to anchor the barrier wall in place. An optional dust collection system is also available for this drilling unit.


Drill Steel Shank 1″ x 4.25″
Drill Bit Diameter 1″ -2.50″
Max Drill Depth 18″ – 36″
Required SCFM 140
Required PSI 120
Approximate Weight 3000 Lbs