Chicago Pneumatic CP Post Drivers

Driving down posts or rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers, tent anchors, or other purposes calls for a tough machine with plenty of power. CP line of Post drivers deliver, whether it’s in soft soil or rock-hard asphalt. The sheer force of the blows is impressive, so you can drive down posts in record time with virtually no effort.


Post Drivers PDR 30 PDR 75 PDR 95
Activiation type By tigger lever By tigger lever By remote Valve
Hydraulic System Open centre Open centre Open centre
Weight -incl hoses (lb) 39 75 88
Oil flow (gpm) 5 5-8 8-10
Working pressure (psi (bar)) 1160 – 1450 1522 – 2030 1522 -1812
Impact rate at 30 I/min (blows/min) 2300 1680 1320
Vibration level 3 axes (m/s2) 17.5 12.5 20.1
Sound pressure level (Lp, r=1m) 102 102 105
HTMA class I I/II II