Multiquip GloBug 4-spot Projection Lighting – Metal Halide

1600W Metal Halide, 4-Spotlight Projection Lighting, Cart Mounted w/4-stage mast assembly

The GB43SC GloBug 4-Spot Light Tower is the ideal portable lighting source when compact lights are required. The small footprint allows transportation of several units in small delivery vehicles. No tools are required to adjust the lamps for quick deployment. Consider the GloBug 4-Spot as an alternative solution to the traditional tow-behind light tower. (shown with optional portable generator)

Compact 3.5″ x 3′ footprint for ease of transportation and storage.

  • Three-stage mast extends up to 13.8 feet
  • Projection lighting over 100′
  • Lifting hook for easy transport
  • Safety winch prevents mast from collapsing
  • Each 400W lamp can be set to multiple directions
  • Zinc-plated steel industrial cart w/ all-terrain puncture-proof tires
  • Outriggers for unit stability
  • Powerful 136,000 lumen projection lighting
  • Flexible electrical options (120V hard line or portable generator power)
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Unit Specifications
Required Generator Sizing 2500 W
Voltage 120 V
Amps 16 A
Frequency 60 Hz
Lamp Type Four 400W Metal Halide bulbs
Total Luminous Flux 142,000 lm
Outriggers Standard