Husqvarna PP 70 – Electric Power Pack

The all-new, metal-cased Husqvarna PP 70 power pack is the heart of the PRIME™ system. Despite its sturdy, heavy-duty look, this is an intelligent unit that perfectly controls the performance of the power cutter or drill motor connected to it.

  • Rated current (1 phase)15 A
  • Rated current (3 phase)20 A
  • Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer) 8.7 hp


All products specification

PP 70

PP 70 NA

967 82 83‑03

Output power 8.7 hp
Rated current (1 phase) 15 A
Rated current (3 phase) 20 A
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 120-480 V
Water connector Gardena Male
Product size length 22.44 in
Product size width 7.2 in
Product size height 16.1″
Weight 39.68 lbs