The Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator is lightweight, durable and versatile. The Stinger is a 15 amp (115-volt) universal motor that drives a full line of Minnich shafts and heads. The unit comes standard with a quick disconnect. Optional quick disconnects that adapt to the shafts and heads of other manufacturers are available. The Stinger offers a more compatible speed range for today’s placement challenges. The Minnich vibrator system design runs at a lower amp range and the durable frame extends vibrator life. The lightweight motor and frame-handle positions offer many ergonomic user features. The product is offered in 230 volts.


AASHTO Test Motor Model Head Size Shaft Length Vibe Speed
Modified V Kelly CSD-1 1 1/8″ 5 ft 8,000 vpm
Box Test CSD-1 3/4″ 5 ft 12,5000 vpm